Healthy Eating

My premise for healthy eating is centered around an idea of "less protein." I don't believe (myself) in cutting meat out of your diet--though I have nothing against anyone who elects to be a vegetarian.

My background in anthropology and my quest for frugal living has formed a particular mind-set that you will see in all of my posts.

I think that the more diverse the foods in your diet the healthier you're likely to be eating.

I also don't buy that a reduced income or hectic schedule limit your diet. We make choices every day, every week. Our greatest enemy to health is the abundance of food in our society--especially cheap food. Which leaves the decision of what to eat up to our bodies, which are programmed through evolution and biology to crave higher caloric foods with reduced physical effort. This is a natural response to the potential for starvation and lean years, a self-preserving trait innate not only to humans but all animals.

There's a reason that the lion goes after the wounded bison, it'll take less effort to kill. It is the lion's equivalent to fast food. But when society has food available all the time, and the choices are exclusively high-claorie, high-sodium: two things that have been harder to acquire for humans throughout time, than we begin to see malnutrition resulting from a gravitation to foods that were once hard to obtain.

So now we need to think more about what we eat, and stop treating meat as the center of every meal.